Friday, July 19, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 5!!

It's our final day together crafty friends!
I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as I have and have learned a few tricks to add to your creative toolbox.

Tip #5-Change up your Metals!!

This technique works best with Glazes because of the acrylic base of the paint and the finer glitter.

As you can see here, this golden metal piece from Fabscrap just wasn't working for me, so I added a little bit of Shindig Glaze on top of it to tone down the brassiness. 

You can also use Glazes on plastics, such buttons, if the color is just not quite right.


Although I didn't use them in the particular project, I can't leave a Tattered Angels week without telling your my Favorite Chalkboards (shimmery) and Baseboards (matte)!

As you might remember, we talked about on Monday that Chalkboards and Baseboards differ from Glimmer Mists and Simply Sheers in that they will give you a more intense and opaque color, whereas mists and sheers are exactly that..sheer.

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: The name Chalkboard can get a little confusing. It gets it's name because it has the solid feel of a chalkboard, not the writing surface characteristics.

Here are my TOP 2 Favorite Chalkboards and Baseboards.

(1) Cardboard (Baseboard-matte)- Essentially the color of corrugated cardboard, this will turn just about anything into a solid sheet of kraft paper with a smooth matte finish. The brown color is so yummy.

(2) Red Rocks (Baseboard-matte)-This color could not be more appropriately named. It is a very true maroon-red without a lot of purple so that it feels like a neutral.

(4) Chalk (Chalkboard-shimmer)-  This is the most multi-purpose of the Chalkboards to me. I use it to highlight images, to lighten other Tattered Angels or to splatter on a project to lighten up it up if it's gotten a little too dark.

(4) Teal High Heel-With a name like that...what's not to love!? It's just fantastic!

I'm sad to say that our week together has come to an end. 

I hope you have learned something new and maybe lost a little "fear of the unknown" you might have had about Tattered Angels.

Come join me again I live The Creative Life.

P.S. Here's the link again if you want to see the full selection of Tattered Angels colors and products!

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