Friday, July 19, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 5!!

It's our final day together crafty friends!
I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as I have and have learned a few tricks to add to your creative toolbox.

Tip #5-Change up your Metals!!

This technique works best with Glazes because of the acrylic base of the paint and the finer glitter.

As you can see here, this golden metal piece from Fabscrap just wasn't working for me, so I added a little bit of Shindig Glaze on top of it to tone down the brassiness. 

You can also use Glazes on plastics, such buttons, if the color is just not quite right.


Although I didn't use them in the particular project, I can't leave a Tattered Angels week without telling your my Favorite Chalkboards (shimmery) and Baseboards (matte)!

As you might remember, we talked about on Monday that Chalkboards and Baseboards differ from Glimmer Mists and Simply Sheers in that they will give you a more intense and opaque color, whereas mists and sheers are exactly that..sheer.

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: The name Chalkboard can get a little confusing. It gets it's name because it has the solid feel of a chalkboard, not the writing surface characteristics.

Here are my TOP 2 Favorite Chalkboards and Baseboards.

(1) Cardboard (Baseboard-matte)- Essentially the color of corrugated cardboard, this will turn just about anything into a solid sheet of kraft paper with a smooth matte finish. The brown color is so yummy.

(2) Red Rocks (Baseboard-matte)-This color could not be more appropriately named. It is a very true maroon-red without a lot of purple so that it feels like a neutral.

(4) Chalk (Chalkboard-shimmer)-  This is the most multi-purpose of the Chalkboards to me. I use it to highlight images, to lighten other Tattered Angels or to splatter on a project to lighten up it up if it's gotten a little too dark.

(4) Teal High Heel-With a name like that...what's not to love!? It's just fantastic!

I'm sad to say that our week together has come to an end. 

I hope you have learned something new and maybe lost a little "fear of the unknown" you might have had about Tattered Angels.

Come join me again I live The Creative Life.

P.S. Here's the link again if you want to see the full selection of Tattered Angels colors and products!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 4!!

Day 4!! Here we go!!!

Tip #4-Use with your Stamps!

Depending on which product you are using, there are 2 ways to go about using this technique.

(1) If you are using a spray-able mist, then you will need to either spray it on a non-stock surface or (my personal preference) is to spray it on a scrap piece of felt, essentially making your own ink pad and then stamp like normal.

(2) If you are using a Glam or a Glaze, simply paint it onto your stamp and stamp as normal, like I did!

You can see I stamped my "2" using Camel Glam and once it was dry, because of the composition of the paint, I was able to spray over it with the Moss Glimmer Mist and my Glam color stay true!

NOTE: Because of the loose consistency of Tattered Angels, it's always best to test your stamping on a scrap piece of paper before doing so on your project so that you can "feel out" how much paint your particular stamp will need to give you the best image. 


For the longest time I didn't use Glazes because I thought "How is it any different!?" but now, I use it all the time! The fine glitter adds a solid shimmer and gloss to your project, while the small applicator brush helps you control and get your color EXACTLY where you want it.

(1) Cowboy-This dark caramel color is VERY multi-purpose. Use it to distress, to darken metals or just to splatter to add dimension.

(2) Aloha Green-This green is perfect when you want to add just a little bit of shimmer and color because the light green doesn't compete with your project.

(3) Pinata-The FIRST Glaze I ever used! As you can see, it's a fun POP of pink. The first time I used it was coloring over some pink flowers. It really brought them to life!

(4) Saffron-This is the Glaze I use the most. Like Cowboy, it is very multi-purpose, but since it's a little bit light in color, I tend to use it more.

(5) Shindig-I would call this my 2nd Favorite! The color is hard to show in a picture, but it leaves your project with a fantastic dark steel gray shimmery finish.

Well...tomorrow is our last day together...see you then!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 3!

Happy Wednesday!

We've had two fun-filled, glimmery days...are you ready for another?

Tip #3-Think Outside the Bottle!

Monday we talked about how great Tattered Angels products worked with each other, but you can stretch your TA dollar even farther by looking beyond those little Angel bottles. 

You can easily mix Tattered Angels products with your favorite acrylic paint colors to add some sparkle or mix with your favorite texture medium for a unique sparkly "chunky" look.

Here...I mixed my Golden Goddess Glam with an army green acrylic paint. 

You can see the fun glittery flicks it adds to the paint and because of the base of the Glam, when I heated it with my heat gun, it added texture to my plain acrylic paint. 

My FAVS!!!

Glimmer Mist is the original product that Wendy Senger made in her kitchen one day when she just couldn't find what she was looking for in her local craft store. (She made it in her BLENDER! I've seen the was a mess! LOL)

With so many awesome colors, it's really hard to pick my top 5, but I'll try!

(1) Coffee Shop-My FIRST EVER Glimmer Mist and still at the top of my list. With a reddish-brown base and a copper shimmer, it is PERFECT to add a copper/weathered patina to any project.
(2) Mallard-My most recent LOVE! It is a dark blue-green with a lighter turquoise shimmer. (If you need one with a little more green....try Bahama Blue!)

(3) Coral Reef-Using this yummy coral color 
always makes me happy 
and adds a BIG punch of color to any project.

(4) Kraft-Just like the name suggest, this can turn just about any project into the appearance of kraft paper. The base is a darker kraft, while the shimmer is a lighter kraft so it adds a lot of dimension.

(5) It's Black-This is the darkest Tattered Angels color ever and adds a HUGE punch because of it's black base with black shimmer. It's THE Little Black Dress of Tattered Angels. (Need something a little softer? Try Black Magic (golden shimmer) or Beetle Black (silver shimmer.))

We're over half way done with our sad! :(

Keep tuning in for more tips, tricks and my top 5 Favs!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 2

Welcome back Creative Friends!!

Are you ready for day 2? I am!!!

Here's a reminder of our finished project:

Tip #2-Go Topless!!!

Just because the bottle comes with sprayer doesn't mean that's the only way to use it.

Shake it like normal (side to side like a bell) and unscrew the nozzle.

Then You can....

(1) SPLATTER!!!!

Use the tube or a brush to flick the paint onto your project. You can lay it flat or set your project upright and allow the paint to slide down. 

(2) BRUSH IT ON!!!

Some people are intimidated by the "unknown" factor of spray-able inks, so this technique is good for those who want a little more control over where their color lands.

Try using browns or blacks to distress instead of traditional ink pads or use brighter colors to add POP, like I did here... I used Pomegranate Glimmer Mist to to add some fun to my project:


Let's get started with some of  my favorites!!
Glam is my favorite Tattered Angels product, so let's start there.

(1) Golden Goddess!! My All time FAV! It has a yummy golden background with a bright golden glitter.

(2) Chandelier- This is most people's favorite because of it's versatility. The paint is clear and the glitter iridescent, so it won't change the color of your project....just add a lot of shine!

(3) Calm Before the Storm- This color is very intense, so it can be a little intimidating, but it's perfect to add ALOT of impact. The background color is a navy blue (a little darker than this picture), while the glitter is a mixture of blues and grays. Definitely makes you think of inky nighttime skies.  

(4) SMOOCHES! Everybody needs a go to fabulous red and SMOOCHES is mine. Red on can't go wrong. :)

(5) CAMEL- This is a lighter brown than Golden Goddess and the glitter is a lighter gold mixed with some browns. It give more of distressed look than Golden Goddess.

So fun, right? Come back tomorrow for even more tips, tricks and favs.

See you then!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 1!!

I LOVE Tattered Angels...I use it all the time on just about every project. I love the colors, the sparkle, the not name it...I LOVE it!!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of writing a tutorial for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine on "5 Ways to use Tattered Angels That You Might Not Have Thought Of." The project featured in it was one of my FAVORITE mixed media covers ever because it just had a little bit of everything!

Here is the finished project:

This week, I'm going to take you through my "5 Ways..." Tutorial, plus show you my FAVS from all of their lines and give you some tips on picking the RIGHT TA product for your project.


With so many options, it can be intimidating to know which one to pick.
Here is a down and dirty, cliff notes version of the difference between all the products:

GLIMMER MIST: A sheer water based spray-able ink that contains a fine glitter. This will give you a sheer wash of sparkly color. Don't want the glitter: Use the Simply Sheer from the Plain Jane Collection. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Over Paints

CHALKBOARD: An opaque water based spray-able ink that contains a fine glitter. This will give you a solid surface of glittery color. NO GLITTER NEEDED? Use the Baseboard Products from the Plain Jane Collection. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Over Paints

GLAM: An acrylic based paint-able chunky glitter. This is what you use when you really want to WOW factor. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Over Paints

GLAZE: An acrylic based paint-able FINE glitter. This has the fine glitter of your GLIMMER MIST, but in an acrylic form with a built in baby brush for easy control. USE ON: Fabric, Wood, Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Over Paints

STAINED GLASS: An acrylic, sheer paint that is the first of it's kind to be MEANT to paint on acrylic/slick surfaces and stick, giving the appearance of stained glass. (although...there are many applications other than that!) USE ON: Paper, Wood, Fabric, Acrylic

HIGH IMPACT PAINT: Acrylic based paints that are your door way to CUSTOMIZE all of your Tattered Angels products to the perfect color for your project!

OK...enough school...Are you ready for a fun, fabulous and creative week? Let's go!


As great as Tattered Angels products are alone, they are even better when you mix and layer them together!

Take a look at this's just a simple hinge cut from chipboard. layering 3 kinds of Tattered Angels, you get the rustic look of metal. 

Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Dab GLAM (here I used Camel-my FAV multi-use GLAM) here and there around your piece. Make sure to leave a good amount of vacant space. Using your heat gun, dry your GLAM and, you'll notice because of it's acrylic base, if you concentrate on a few areas, the GLAM will crack and bubble adding a fantastic texture to your piece.

Step 2: Coat your project with GLIMMER MIST (here I used Pomegranate.) Because GLIMMER MIST is water based, it will not mix with your GLAM (which..remember is acrylic...) so it will only "fill in" the spaces to covered by your GLAM.

Step 3: Next, using a paper towel, you will add a light wash of GLAZE (here I used my FAV-Shindig!) The purpose of this step is to antique your piece and tone down any "too bright" colors.

FUN, right? This technique is fun to play with, varying the color combinations to make your own unique piece.

Join me the rest of this week for more tips and tricks and learn my FAVORITE and MOST USED TA colors and products.

Until tomorrow my friends...get caught being creative!!

PS...Wanna know all Tattered Angels has to offer?
You can download their NEW catalog HERE. It shows all the products, colors and has some AMAZING inspiration pieces.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Obsession!!

Lately...I have been OBSESSED with playing with mixed media on canvases!! It is so much fun just being free and trying random techniques until you get what you're looking for.

Some of you might remember my first piece I need last month, featuring Authentique's Curiosity Line.

After this piece, I came across another Authentique Line that I had forgotten I had...Celebrate!! I am in LOVE with the little couples that Authentique features on a lot of their papers.

Next up on my new found obsession is Glitz Design's Color Me Happy. Who doesn't LOVE their bright, fun colors and playful patterns and elements?

And lastly, another...more unusual collection from Glitz Design...Birthday Wishes designed by Glitz for Echo Park's Photo Freedom line. The colors are fantastic, with a mixture of vintage browns and charcoals with BRIGHT pinks, yellow and aquas.

This is the first time I've added some 3-D elements like Prima Flowers and a lace stamp by Teresa Collins that I stamped on a coffee filter, cut out and draped it so it looked like real lace.

I especially love the words on this on....ENJOY YOURSELF AND PAY THEM NO MIND. How true this should be for all of us! Do what you love...and ignore the those who don't support your dreams.

Until next time...keep dreaming and keep creating.

PS....Be watching in just 10 shorts days as I spend 4 fabulous days in the Summer Home of Creativity...Summer CHA 2013 from Las Vegas!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh Scrap! New Layouts!!

I've been hoarding a bunch of scrapbook layouts, so I think it's time to share!!


This layout was made with 2 of my FAVORITE new patterns from Canvas Corp: Ivory & Orange Chevron and Ivory & Orange Tile. It also featured their Family Sampler that makes it super easy, fast and cheap to embellish your pages! (and as I look at this...I realize how crooked my picture is..UGH!!)

It's a Small World

These are some of my favorite peeps in like...the whole world! One is from South Africa, 2 are from Canada and 1 is from Utah (that can be another world, right!? LOL) I love the bright "wow" factor of Heidi Swapp's Color Pop Collection so much that I didn't even mist the paper to change up the yellow/white is fabulous in it's own! I love my glitter heart made using a chipboard shape, double sided tape and fine glitter and my yellow Amy Tangerine letter's for American Crafts are a perfect finishing touch!

You Can Never Have too Much Hair

I change my hair all the time and sadly enough... this is not the first layout I've done about my hair. I was challenged to incorporate chevrons into a layout and what better way than to just GO BIG with Canvas Corp Chevron papers! All I did was cute sections from the red, green and aqua turquoise papers and layer them on my black & white chevron, lining up the patterns. I added 3 of my favorite instagram selfies, the "you can never have too much" title I fussy cut from a Glitz Design paper and some American Crafts Thickers to complete my title.

Notre Dame Basilica

I did this layout a few years ago and it is still one of my favorites! It was my first time playing with Tattered Angels on a scrapbooking page. And as you can see...there's a surprise element! When combined with the Canvas Corp White on Kraft papers, the soy-based ink of the pattern actually acts as a resist and POPs through the Tattered Angels colors. It totally looks like I stamped the background with white ink! The pictures themselves are breathtaking, so I kept my embellishments to a minimum so the pics could get the attention.

Our Story is Perfect

This is my HOTTIE HUBBY and I being silly in the car one day. I bought this Echo Park collection (appropriately titled: Be Mine) super cheap from this little site called Part-Time Sally. It is a great store that is always having sales and is a good place to find older collections at a steal! The colors of the paper matched perfect with my black shirt and pink feather in my hair. I liked the idea of the flags so much after I did this one page layout that I scrap-lifted myself and stretched it into a 2-page layout I did for a class for Easter.

I hope my little layouts have inspired you to get scrappin'!

Until next time my friends...stay Creative!