Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 3!

Happy Wednesday!

We've had two fun-filled, glimmery days...are you ready for another?

Tip #3-Think Outside the Bottle!

Monday we talked about how great Tattered Angels products worked with each other, but you can stretch your TA dollar even farther by looking beyond those little Angel bottles. 

You can easily mix Tattered Angels products with your favorite acrylic paint colors to add some sparkle or mix with your favorite texture medium for a unique sparkly "chunky" look.

Here...I mixed my Golden Goddess Glam with an army green acrylic paint. 

You can see the fun glittery flicks it adds to the paint and because of the base of the Glam, when I heated it with my heat gun, it added texture to my plain acrylic paint. 

My FAVS!!!

Glimmer Mist is the original product that Wendy Senger made in her kitchen one day when she just couldn't find what she was looking for in her local craft store. (She made it in her BLENDER! I've seen the was a mess! LOL)

With so many awesome colors, it's really hard to pick my top 5, but I'll try!

(1) Coffee Shop-My FIRST EVER Glimmer Mist and still at the top of my list. With a reddish-brown base and a copper shimmer, it is PERFECT to add a copper/weathered patina to any project.
(2) Mallard-My most recent LOVE! It is a dark blue-green with a lighter turquoise shimmer. (If you need one with a little more green....try Bahama Blue!)

(3) Coral Reef-Using this yummy coral color 
always makes me happy 
and adds a BIG punch of color to any project.

(4) Kraft-Just like the name suggest, this can turn just about any project into the appearance of kraft paper. The base is a darker kraft, while the shimmer is a lighter kraft so it adds a lot of dimension.

(5) It's Black-This is the darkest Tattered Angels color ever and adds a HUGE punch because of it's black base with black shimmer. It's THE Little Black Dress of Tattered Angels. (Need something a little softer? Try Black Magic (golden shimmer) or Beetle Black (silver shimmer.))

We're over half way done with our sad! :(

Keep tuning in for more tips, tricks and my top 5 Favs!

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