Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 4!!

Day 4!! Here we go!!!

Tip #4-Use with your Stamps!

Depending on which product you are using, there are 2 ways to go about using this technique.

(1) If you are using a spray-able mist, then you will need to either spray it on a non-stock surface or (my personal preference) is to spray it on a scrap piece of felt, essentially making your own ink pad and then stamp like normal.

(2) If you are using a Glam or a Glaze, simply paint it onto your stamp and stamp as normal, like I did!

You can see I stamped my "2" using Camel Glam and once it was dry, because of the composition of the paint, I was able to spray over it with the Moss Glimmer Mist and my Glam color stay true!

NOTE: Because of the loose consistency of Tattered Angels, it's always best to test your stamping on a scrap piece of paper before doing so on your project so that you can "feel out" how much paint your particular stamp will need to give you the best image. 


For the longest time I didn't use Glazes because I thought "How is it any different!?" but now, I use it all the time! The fine glitter adds a solid shimmer and gloss to your project, while the small applicator brush helps you control and get your color EXACTLY where you want it.

(1) Cowboy-This dark caramel color is VERY multi-purpose. Use it to distress, to darken metals or just to splatter to add dimension.

(2) Aloha Green-This green is perfect when you want to add just a little bit of shimmer and color because the light green doesn't compete with your project.

(3) Pinata-The FIRST Glaze I ever used! As you can see, it's a fun POP of pink. The first time I used it was coloring over some pink flowers. It really brought them to life!

(4) Saffron-This is the Glaze I use the most. Like Cowboy, it is very multi-purpose, but since it's a little bit light in color, I tend to use it more.

(5) Shindig-I would call this my 2nd Favorite! The color is hard to show in a picture, but it leaves your project with a fantastic dark steel gray shimmery finish.

Well...tomorrow is our last day together...see you then!!

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