Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 2

Welcome back Creative Friends!!

Are you ready for day 2? I am!!!

Here's a reminder of our finished project:

Tip #2-Go Topless!!!

Just because the bottle comes with sprayer doesn't mean that's the only way to use it.

Shake it like normal (side to side like a bell) and unscrew the nozzle.

Then You can....

(1) SPLATTER!!!!

Use the tube or a brush to flick the paint onto your project. You can lay it flat or set your project upright and allow the paint to slide down. 

(2) BRUSH IT ON!!!

Some people are intimidated by the "unknown" factor of spray-able inks, so this technique is good for those who want a little more control over where their color lands.

Try using browns or blacks to distress instead of traditional ink pads or use brighter colors to add POP, like I did here... I used Pomegranate Glimmer Mist to to add some fun to my project:


Let's get started with some of  my favorites!!
Glam is my favorite Tattered Angels product, so let's start there.

(1) Golden Goddess!! My All time FAV! It has a yummy golden background with a bright golden glitter.

(2) Chandelier- This is most people's favorite because of it's versatility. The paint is clear and the glitter iridescent, so it won't change the color of your project....just add a lot of shine!

(3) Calm Before the Storm- This color is very intense, so it can be a little intimidating, but it's perfect to add ALOT of impact. The background color is a navy blue (a little darker than this picture), while the glitter is a mixture of blues and grays. Definitely makes you think of inky nighttime skies.  

(4) SMOOCHES! Everybody needs a go to fabulous red and SMOOCHES is mine. Red on can't go wrong. :)

(5) CAMEL- This is a lighter brown than Golden Goddess and the glitter is a lighter gold mixed with some browns. It give more of distressed look than Golden Goddess.

So fun, right? Come back tomorrow for even more tips, tricks and favs.

See you then!

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