Monday, July 15, 2013

Tattered Angels Week-Day 1!!

I LOVE Tattered Angels...I use it all the time on just about every project. I love the colors, the sparkle, the not name it...I LOVE it!!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of writing a tutorial for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine on "5 Ways to use Tattered Angels That You Might Not Have Thought Of." The project featured in it was one of my FAVORITE mixed media covers ever because it just had a little bit of everything!

Here is the finished project:

This week, I'm going to take you through my "5 Ways..." Tutorial, plus show you my FAVS from all of their lines and give you some tips on picking the RIGHT TA product for your project.


With so many options, it can be intimidating to know which one to pick.
Here is a down and dirty, cliff notes version of the difference between all the products:

GLIMMER MIST: A sheer water based spray-able ink that contains a fine glitter. This will give you a sheer wash of sparkly color. Don't want the glitter: Use the Simply Sheer from the Plain Jane Collection. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Over Paints

CHALKBOARD: An opaque water based spray-able ink that contains a fine glitter. This will give you a solid surface of glittery color. NO GLITTER NEEDED? Use the Baseboard Products from the Plain Jane Collection. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Over Paints

GLAM: An acrylic based paint-able chunky glitter. This is what you use when you really want to WOW factor. USE ON: Paper, Fabric, Wood, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Over Paints

GLAZE: An acrylic based paint-able FINE glitter. This has the fine glitter of your GLIMMER MIST, but in an acrylic form with a built in baby brush for easy control. USE ON: Fabric, Wood, Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal, Over Paints

STAINED GLASS: An acrylic, sheer paint that is the first of it's kind to be MEANT to paint on acrylic/slick surfaces and stick, giving the appearance of stained glass. (although...there are many applications other than that!) USE ON: Paper, Wood, Fabric, Acrylic

HIGH IMPACT PAINT: Acrylic based paints that are your door way to CUSTOMIZE all of your Tattered Angels products to the perfect color for your project!

OK...enough school...Are you ready for a fun, fabulous and creative week? Let's go!


As great as Tattered Angels products are alone, they are even better when you mix and layer them together!

Take a look at this's just a simple hinge cut from chipboard. layering 3 kinds of Tattered Angels, you get the rustic look of metal. 

Here's how I did it:

Step 1: Dab GLAM (here I used Camel-my FAV multi-use GLAM) here and there around your piece. Make sure to leave a good amount of vacant space. Using your heat gun, dry your GLAM and, you'll notice because of it's acrylic base, if you concentrate on a few areas, the GLAM will crack and bubble adding a fantastic texture to your piece.

Step 2: Coat your project with GLIMMER MIST (here I used Pomegranate.) Because GLIMMER MIST is water based, it will not mix with your GLAM (which..remember is acrylic...) so it will only "fill in" the spaces to covered by your GLAM.

Step 3: Next, using a paper towel, you will add a light wash of GLAZE (here I used my FAV-Shindig!) The purpose of this step is to antique your piece and tone down any "too bright" colors.

FUN, right? This technique is fun to play with, varying the color combinations to make your own unique piece.

Join me the rest of this week for more tips and tricks and learn my FAVORITE and MOST USED TA colors and products.

Until tomorrow my friends...get caught being creative!!

PS...Wanna know all Tattered Angels has to offer?
You can download their NEW catalog HERE. It shows all the products, colors and has some AMAZING inspiration pieces.  


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