Saturday, September 21, 2013

List Yourself #10-It's a Strange, Strange World

How are your lists going? 

Are you learning a lot about yourself? Are you remembering things that have been buried that made you smile or laugh or maybe cry a little?

Today...we are going to remember the craziness in our lives...or should I say...the strangeness! :)

Even though it's not my strangest place, anytime I think "strange place" I automatically think of my husband's last trip to Thailand. While he was there, he sent me this picture:

The story was that they were at a place where you got to "pick" your Red Lobster where you pick your lobster out of the tank, except this was eel.

What he didn't show me until he got back was these...

Yup....that is a racoon and snakes....just waiting for someone to make them into lunch.

Still makes me cringe and shiver!!

What strangeness have you encountered?

I'd love to hear about it!


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