Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tuts on Tuesday...on Wednesday?

Hello Lifers!!

Guess where I am?! I am sitting at LAX waiting to board a plane for...HAWAII!!

For Real! 

My hubby had to go on an emergency 2 week business trip there (he buys seafood...long story) and after he had been gone a few days, he was like "Wouldn't it be great if you could join me?" So only by the grace of God and Him working out a TRUCKLOAD of miracles, my mom and his mom were able to tag team our kiddos so that I could go to Hawaii with him until Sunday!

Woo Hoo!

Because of that...Tuesday tutorials are a day late, but I'm not gonna leave you hangin'!

This past weekend, I was working on a mini album project and got to play with one of my FAVORITE 2 tool: Modeling Paste and Crafter's Workshop's 12 x 12 Brick Stencil.

If you're not familiar with it, modeling paste is a white substance that is the consistency of canned frosting and when it dries, it stays 3D. You can smooth it out or leave it bumpy and you can mix it with acrylic paint to change the color (and by some voodoo doesn't change the color of your acrylic! Weird, I know.)

Here's a close up of what we will learn today 
(I will reveal the FULL project at a later date.)

This is the cover of a mini-album, but you can use the technique on canvas, burlap or even just a heavy weight paper. 

Supplies You'll Need to Duplicate this (feel free to substitute for you own needs!)

Modeling Paste 
(I used Liquitex I bought in the Art Section at Hobby Lobby)

Medium and Dark Brown Acrylic Paint

Rust Red Acrylic Paint

Tattered Angels Glaze in Saffron

Brick Stencil (again..mine is by Crafter's Workshop)

Ready? Here we go!

·       We are going to start adding some texture by mixing some light brown acrylic paint with our modeling paste and light scrapping or painting through the brick stencil.

o   You want your modeling paste/paint mixture about the consistency of canned frosting.
o   Start with a small amount..a little goes a long way and it doesn’t store well for future use.

·        Start from the top of your project and work down. Take caution when you lift up your stencil that you don’t damage you hard work!

·        If you are in a hurry, grab your heat tool and speed the drying time up!

·        Once it’s dry, let’s add a little dimension. Grab your rust red and darker brown. Using your fingertips,  lightly rub your bricks first with the red, then with the brown.

·        To add shimmer and more texture, grab your Tattered Angels glaze and your heat gun. (Make sure to shake up your glaze well!)
o   Lightly swipe your glaze over your bricks.
o   While it is still wet, hit it with your heat gun. Because of the acrylic base, the paint will bubble up and once it’s cooled, will be permanent

(Do as I say…not as I did! LOL! I decided-obviously-after I had done the next step...hence the blue! LOL)

There you go! You now have an easy and fun new technique in your creative toolbox!

Until next time my friends...remember...CHOOSE to make your ART intentional...not an after thought.


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