Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Blingy with The Buckle Boutique

Hello Lifers!

Today I want to share something super fun with you!

At Winter CHA this past January, I had the opportunity to meet Cathie from a little company called The Buckle Boutique.

They were debuting this new product they called Rhinestone Resin Self-Adhesive Sheets. These rhinestone sheets have something no other rhinestone sheet  (that I know of) has ever had...the ability to be CUT into anything you want them to be. They can be cut with scissors, craft knifes and even your Cricut.

I was so honored that Cathie wanted to send me a couple of sheets to see what I could come up with.

Here's a couple of things I came up with:

This started out as an MDF Chest of Drawers from Kaisercraft. With the sheets being self-adhesive, I just cut a piece slightly larger than my piece, adhered it to the side and then used my craft knife to trim it. My craft knife went through it with no problems!

Here are a few closeups. 

To make my chevron, I used a chevron punch my Emaginations (sorry...this company is out of business) and cut pieces from my rhinestone sheets and laid them next to each other to form my chevron stripe. (YES! You can cut them with a punch!!) 

The rhinestones sheets were also perfect to make some sweet, quick and simple pendents. 

Cut a piece of Rhinestone Sheet to size and adhere it to your bezel. Then glue a simple embellishment to the center and you're done! What is fun about this pendent is that it is actually double sided! So no matter which way it is flipped, there is something fabulous!

Here are a couple of my favorite tips for working with The Buckle Boutique's Resign Rhinestone Self-Adhesive Sheets:

(1) When using a punch, flip the punch over so that you can make sure that the lines on your stones are straight. 

(2) If you are trying to cover a surface like my Chest of Drawers, it is much easier to cut your sheet just slightly larger than your piece, adhere it and then trim with your craft knife. 

(3) For jewelry, use an ink to stamp your bezel shape on the back of your Rhinestone Sheet. Cut just inside your line and you will have the perfect shape without all the guess work. 

My next plan....cut out some shapes on my Cricut!

I can't wait to share them with you.

For more information and to see all of the fabulous designs, check out The Buckle Boutique

Until next time...remember...make your art intentional...not an after thought.



  1. I LOVE THIS! I want to make one of the chest of drawers to put my office supplies in at work.

    Thanks for featuring our products!
    Shawn Mosch ~ The Buckle Boutique Design Team Coordinator
    Crafty Chics Blog a searchable database of Cricut images

    1. I'm so happy you like them Shawn! Your product is amazing to work with!

  2. LOVE what you created! So pretty!!

  3. Thank you Leslie. So much fun working with all the sparkles!! You should look in to carrying stuff from The Buckle Boutique in your store!

  4. What a spectacular project! I love everything about it!