Wednesday, June 5, 2013

List Yourself #2- Daring to Dream Big

I'm sitting here outside the room where my youngest (who's 3) is fulfilling the first little dream her little heart has ever had...she is taking her first dance class. 

I know...I know...what can a 3 year old know about dreams? Maybe not much according to an adult, but what is so great about kids is that they aren't afraid to dream! So far no one has told them they CAN'T be a ballerina or a firefighter or a magician or a fighter pilot. Their dreams change with everyday and every new experience. 

So...for you dreamers or those of you who have lost the ability to dream, today's list is for you. 

Fear can be our biggest obstacle. Fear of failure ( my biggest.) Fear of others. Fear of success. Fear of injury. Fear fill in the blank. What is holding you back from your BIG DREAMS? Maybe next to your list of dreams, make a list of your fears. Sometimes writing them down can help you face them or recognize fears you never knew you had. 

Here's my list for you of what dreams I would follow if I wasn't scared and what fear is keeping me from achieving it:

Skydiving-fear of dying (!)

Auditioning for The Voice-fear of failure 

Have More Female friends-fear of being vulnerable 

Have more close friends-fear of abandonment 

Being a household name is the papercrafting world-fear of trying and being told I'm not good enough. 

So what about you? What are your BIGGEST dreams you would dream if no one (including yourself) told you you couldn't do it?

While you'er making your list, keep this picture in your mind:

This little girl just fulfilled dream's never too early...and it's never too late. 

Until tomorrow my friends.....


  1. love...and she is a CA-UTIE! Heading off to start my list...

  2. Yay!! Thanks for stopping by Maggie.

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    1. Some how I missed this comment! Thanks Katie!! :)