Friday, April 24, 2015

What's been going on at The Crafter's Workshop?

Hello Creatives!

Playing a little catchup on the blog today.

Keepin' it real...I would much rather be making fun stuff that writing about it...BUT...if I made it but never shared it, then how would you ever see it!? LOL. It's a total Catch 22. 

My last 2 posts for The Crafter's Workshop have been a lot of fun to make.

First...there was an art journal piece:

For more pics and details, check out the original post: "Cathedral of LOVE"

My most recent post is one I am particularly proud of. I wanted to do a piece that was out of my normal "style", so I make this canvas that was not only bigger than my normal style (this one is 16x20), but also has no paper, stamps or stickers. It is all just acrylic paints, inks and stencils.

For more pics and details, check out my post here: Going BIG with Mixed Media

I hope you take time to check out these projects! And if you have time...leave me a comment or two!

Today, I will be leaving to head to The Crafter's Workshop Headquarters with some of my fellow DT members to spend 2 days in Stencil U...learning new techniques and just having a lot of messy, creative fun. I can't wait to share what I learn!


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