Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Going small this week in the studio!

Hello Lifers!

This week in the studio, I have been all about making mini art with ATCs.

If you are going "WHAT?" when I say ATC, let me break it down for you! ATC stands for "Artistic (Or Artist) Trading Cards" and they are exactly what they sound like...small works of art, about the size of a standard playing card (2.5in x 3.5in) that are meant to be made by an artist and then given away!

This week...I made 2 very different ATCs.

This all about color!

You can see more info about this colorful creation on Marion Smith's Blog:

My second ATC is all about using multiple stencils on a small surface.

You can find step by step instructions for this ATC here:

I hope enjoy both of these little works of art and they inspire you to GO going little!


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