Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's get "Tickled Pink" with Susan K. Weckesser!!

Hello Lifers!

It's my turn over on the Susan K Weckesser Blog "My Sweet Earth" and today I am sharing my canvas called "Tickled Pink."

I made this canvas by framing a Prima Marketing Acrylic Transparency (painted with Tattered Angels Glaze) inside a frame I made by stamping Susan's In Circle Me Stamp by Unity Stamp Company into almost dry modeling paste. 

Here are a few of my steps to help you visualize the process:

1) The Transparency

The transparency is 6x6 and was actually part of a 12x12 transparency that featured 4 different styles. I liked this one because of the little window.

I actually flipped it over and painted on the back to that when you saw it from the front, the black lines were still crisp. All the painting on the back was done with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze. I also added some clouds using Susan's "Celebrate Your Day" Stamp from Unity Stamp Company using Ranger Archival Ink and painted those as well. 

2) The Border:

To Make this easier, I cut a scrap piece of paper to 6x6 and lightly tacked it in the center of my canvas, leaving my boarder. (I cut the hole out to make it easier to remove later.)

Once your remove the scrap paper, keep it! You'll need it in a minute! 

Next, using your heat gun and working in small section, dry your modeling paste until no longer sticky, but still move-able. This process might take a little trial and error-trust me!

When you've reached the right consistency, firmly press your stamp into the paste, being careful not to let it slide.

While working around your frame, rotate your stamp so that you get different angles to your texture. 

See...trial and error! :) I got a little hasty on a couple of spots and ended up with modeling paste on my stamp. NOTE!! Clean the modeling paste off your stamp is a PAIN to get off once it's dry.

For the base color, I used Tattered Angels Plain Jane Baseboard in Plain Daffodil. Place your scrap piece of paper back in the middle to keep your lines crisp.

And then...I messed up...I did not take pictures of the next steps. So Sorry!

Here is a couple of close-ups so you can see the texture better:

To get this effect I followed these steps:

a) Once my yellow was dry, I took 5 colors of Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Pickled Raspberry, Broken China, Peacock Feathers, Peeled Paint and Spiced Marmalade)  and randomly rubbed it over my surface. I used my finger to soften it a little.

b) Next, I used Tattered Angels Plain Jane Simply Sheer in Burlap to tone my colors down a little. Keep this very're wanting to tone down...not cover up.

c) Once I reached this point, my frame was still matte and it looked wrong next to my shiny transparency, so lastly I added some Tattered Angels Glam in Chandelier over the top. (A little JMO: Chandelier is the best GLAM color if you are looking to start a Tattered Angels collection. Because the base is clear and the chunky glitter in iridescent, it is very multi-purpose and less intimidating than other Glam colors.)

3) A little Finishing Touch:

To add a little finishing touch to my piece, I had these great acrylic butterfly stickers I had bought at Hobby Lobby that I thought would be a perfect addition.

Because the back was sticky, I had to do my Glaze painting on the front, so I had to be a little cautious to stay in the lines (not a fun job for someone like me! LOL!)

Here is what it looked like in the light before I added it to my project:

So there you go!

I hope you will give this technique a try. Share your link in the comments...I would LOVE to see what you do!

Until next time...choose to make your art intentional..not an after thought.