Friday, December 13, 2013

Pin-Win-- DIY Light Box

If you're like me, you love Pinterest, but rarely actually do anything with them. 

However, today I wanted I share my most successful "PIN-WIN" 

This pin leads you to a tutorial on how I make this easy and amazing DIY Light Box. 

My hubby made the base of mine using the box from a new piece of furniture we had just bought. 

Here is mine: 

My studio table is a 6ft old dining room table. The canvas you see is an 8x10, so you can see that it is easy to accommodate large projects if you make your frame larger. (This picture makes my canvas look like it's floating! Lol) 

Check out the tutorial by Flax and Twine. I'm sure you'll love it! 

And thanks Flax and Twine for a great and easy to follow tutorial. 



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