Thursday, December 12, 2013

Banners of Hope

Hey Lifers!

I am so excited to share this with you today. 

I am honored to be participating with the CHA Banners of Hope cause this year at Crop and Connect Annaheim. 

Banners of Hope is an amazing group of artists who gather together to use their talent to inspire and give strength to those struggling in hospitals and through other tough situations. 

At CHA next month, banners will be displayed during the show before being shipped all over the country to give people hope and encouragement. 

For me...I went through so many mental options and stared at my blank piece of fabric forever (fear of the blank "page!")

Finally, I just grabbed a bunch of my favorite Tattered Angels colors and made my background, with no real thought in mind. I just needed to get rid of the white. 

After I was done, my hubby came in and said "Hey...that looks like a face!" And of course I was like "Your're's just an abstract background." But..the more I looked at it, I could see the details he was taking about. is the finished products: 

I've never been a drawer of figures, but I'm finding I kind of like it. This is my first face and it took a little while to make me happy, but I think she is beautiful. 

Here is a few closeups:

The whole project is done with black and white acrylic paint and Tattered Angels Glams, Mists and Glazes on canvas fabric. The fabric was so generously donated by Meridith Fabric. 

The title came at the end. The colors and the fact that her eye was closed made me feel like she was just taking a moment, within the storm she was going through, just to breath and remind herself  that she is strong and can make it through this. 

Want to see more Banners of Hope? Check out Pinterest an search #bannersofhope !

Are you feeling inspired to help others? Let's see YOUR Banner if Hope. 

Until next time...stay creative and spread hope!



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