Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trying something NEW!!

I have always LOVED the look of mixed media artist Christy Tomlinson, but my "let's make a plan" brain has always been completely intimidated by the need to "JUST LET GO AND CREATE!" that her style requires. (Anybody else feel that way?)

I tried a few times, playing on canvases, but never made a project that I felt was complete so I got a little disheartened and stopped trying....figuring maybe it just wasn't for me.

Then I got some great advice from an online community. One of the participants said that if you want to start in mixed media, start by watching videos of artists who inspire you. Simple advice right? I was like "DUH!....Why didn't I think of that?"

So I spent some time on good ole' YouTube searching for Mixed Media tutorials and to be honest...I watched some that just totally didn't interest me, but I also found so many that I just "OOed and AAhhed" over. They had me saying things (out loud!) like "That's a great idea!"..."Oh that's why that didn't work for me."....AND "I can do that!"

That last one..."I can do that!"...was freeing because watching other people do projects start to finish took some of the mystery out of the PROCESS...because...if you've ever looked at a mixed media piece (like Christy Tomlinson) there is so much going on and sssoo many layer, it is so hard to figure out where to start. Watching a few masters in action gave me a chance to break the process down into manageable pieces instead of concentrating on the end project as a whole.

Wanna see what I am up with?

I used Authentique Paper's "Curiosity" paper line (aren't the colors fabulous!?) for the background and also my inspiration for the title. The rest was just building layers and trying not to THINK too hard about the end product. After each layer, I would evaluate and think "Is it done?" "No?" "What does it need? More light? More Dark? Does this spot or that area feel vacant?" It's a process.

Here are a few closeups!
Love using Bubble wrap for easy dots!
 I also used a  Tattered Angels Screen with my  Tarnished Silver Glimmer Mist.

I mixed some Black Acrylic paint with some modeling paste
and, using an old credit card, scrapped it across another Tattered Angels Screen.

No project is complete without Washi, right?

I love this little picture from one of the Authentique Papers that peeks through the background.
 I feel like that girl is me because SSOOO many time I sat at my studio table,
 head leaned on my fist, just staring at the canvas. The word hidden under it says "imagination."

This paper was my favorite from the whole line...I think adding the little people  to the project
 gives us the reminder of childhood and how much fun it was to discover and learn NEW things
...back BEFORE we became adults and had so many responsibilities. 

And last, but not least...trying NEW things and having that CURIOSITY requires being FREE...FREE of others expectations...FREE of your own expectation....FREE to MAKE MISTAKES.

I am so excited for all I've learned and the boundaries I feel I've pushed in my creativity.

I challenge each of you to take one thing (creative or otherwise) that is out side of your comfort zone and face it head on and take a  NEW adventure this week in YOUR Creative Life.

Until next time friends.....


  1. Very different and cool looking. Design goes great with the sentiment.

  2. Thanks Leslie!!! It was a lot of fun to make!